Storage Solutions


SBOX is proud to offer high-quality, portable, ground-level offices in a variety of configurations, including units with bathrooms! Our offices come wired for electricity, phone and data and equipped with heating/air conditioning units, desks, and chairs, as well as extras such as cork boards, peg boards, and planning tables.  Each unit has also been treated with reflective coating on the roof that keeps temperatures dowm by as much as 15 degrees!   


Offices and specialty containers can also be custom built to your specifications. Speak with one of our sales associates today and let us help design your best solution to meet your space, time and budget needs.

Current Office Options

  • 20’ Office
  • 20’ Office/Storage Combo
  • 40’ Office
  • 40’ Office/Storage Combo
  • 40’ Office w/Bathroom
  • 40’ Office/Storage Combo w/Bathroom